Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Door in the Dark By: Robert Frost

This poem is about about someone is in the dark and is trying to get to the door that is in the dark. The person is reaching into the dark and reaches for the door. That person gets the door and he tries to open it. When the person opens the door, the door slams into his face, unguard, and the door hits him in the face really hard that he sort of loses conscious( he doesn't fall). Now the things are not the same as they were before he was hit in the head.
I chose this poem because Robert Frost poems are really good to read. He puts thought into his poems and it shows. Robert knows how to captivate his audience with is poems. Frost has written various poems and they have been translated into different languages.

P.S. you may see some more Robert Frost poems.



radio_nessa said...

Ooh, I love Robert Frost, esp. "The Road Not Taken". When I first read this poem, "The Door in the Dark", I didn't understand the second half. I looked deeper for a different meaning and I found one. I won't tell you what I found because I don't think that I will be able to explain it well, but yeah. Look deeper for a different meaning that is sort of parallel to yours.

Hernan_1992 said...

Vanessa i believe that you did a good job with your blog. I believe that this isn't your best potential. You should for your next blog go in depth with your poem. Talk about what we have learned in A.P to advance on your explanation on the meaning of the poem. Overall good job, but your vanessa you got a world of wonders to let out through your magnificent writing
your fellow blogger.
Hernan Campos

dianasaur said...

i have never heard of his dude. The poem itself is self explanatory and you have written what it says blandly. I agree with Flower, try to look for a deeper meaning. I do not the poet meant just that.

James/J.R. said...

Dear Vanessa,
I have read your poem and was confused at 1st but i understood it when i got to read it the 2nd time. I agree on what hernan said that it would be better if you explained what the poem was trying to say. well anyways good job with the blog.

Jennifer Rosales said...

I agree with some of my peers that your blog could of been a bit better. In my opionon your a great writter that could of gone in more depth about the poem.
I've actually read the poem before and I didnt really understand it throughly. From your perspective I some what understand certain sections.

Leslie C. said...

Dear Vanessa,
I agree with my peers that your blog could of been better. I read your blog and it is a little confusing, but what I understood was that the poem was about a guy who got hit in the head because of something in the dark that was haunting him. Does Robert Frost write about only scary poems and if not what are the other type of poems that he writes about?

Hugo J said...

I think Robet Frost makes good poems. However i dont know what poem you wrote about. Well i think you could write alittle more.